"Jackie carried out the 3D lipo on me and made me feel very comfortable. I didn't feel embarrassed about showing my body and the treatments are very relaxing. There is no pain whatsoever and with the music playing in the background you could easily fall asleep. I have had 6 sessions so far and in the first four weeks lost 2.5 inches. I hope to loose another 2.5 inches again in the next four weeks. The treatments have also toned my skin. I would truly recommend this to others.”

Diane, Cambridge

“I have had 5 sessions of Ultrasound and have lost 9.5 inches so far from around my abdomen which is exactly what I was hoping for. Because I am 85 I was warned that it might be less successful than for a younger person, so I am really pleased with the results. The therapists make the whole experience pleasant and comfortable. The 45 minutes floats away on a warm bed with gentle background music and conversation. I have had 3 different therapists and they were all lovely – unbeatable value for money.”

Pauline, , Cambridge

"I’m absolutely loving 3D- lipo! It’s so effective and quick – what’s not to like about it?! I can see a change in my body with every treatment and I couldn’t recommend it enough."

Patsy Kensit, Actress