Bliss uses techniques of probably one of the most advanced machines of its type. We offer a powerful new dimension in non-surgical fat removal, treatment of cellulite and skin tightening for both face and body. A complete approach to targeted fat reduction and body contouring. Fat removal, cellulite reduction and skin tightening treatments that are simple, effortless and painless. Fat removal using ultrasound to promote cavitation in the fat cell is a safe and pain free treatment to target and remove those unwanted pockets of fat. Cellulite reduction using ultrasound is widely recognised as one of the most effective cellulite reduction technologies available today. Using the 3D Lipo system we can specifically target cellulite in addition to the treatment of excess fat. Skin tightening using radio frequency technology delivering precisely controlled energy to the chosen treatment area at variable depths, produces a very high efficacy of treatment result.

  • Fat Removal & Cellulite Reduction
    Fat Removal & Cellulite Reduction

    Fat removal using Ultrasound, Cryo Freezing and Radio Frequency technologies are safe and pain free treatments that can target those unwanted pockets of fat that stubbornly refuse to budge just by exercise and dieting alone....

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  • Skin Tightening
    Skin Tightening

    At Bliss we use the 3rd generation Fractional Focus Radio Frequency technology that is currently best in class. It uses multi polar/electrodes to optimize the efficacy of results in order to promote skin tightening, lifting...

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  • Face & Neck Lifts
    Face & Neck Lifts

    3D Ultimate is our latest acquisition at BLISS and is already becoming the next ‘celebrity secret’ to an uplifted and rejuvenated look for the face and neck. The NEW 3D-Ultimate offers 3 of the most...

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